Get a grip!

Tired of slipping on the pole? We are proud affiliates of X-Pole and highly recommend their grip aid . Click here to buy yours. Just £9.99 81A1B4EC-5455-4F9E-BC9A-730AC887CC9A

Girlie Grip also sold at the studio for £10. A slightly tackier grip aid. Please speak to your instructor about the grip best suited to you if you’re unsure 👍🏻

Flexibility SOS Master Class

Super excited to offer you yet another great addition to our class schedule . Whether you’re using this to aid your aerial training or want to experience the science of stretching , check this out !! Spaces are limited ! More info can be found on our TEAMUP booking site. Or email us for more info. All welcome !


Meet our New Starters / Beginner Instructor!


So proud of this lady and her dedication to her training, to being her best and her commitment to MVPA. Nao brings so much passion and I know she will deliver the same attributes to her teaching! Massive congrats on this achievement having completed a whole weekend worth of intense training with XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness….. I’m delighted to officially have Nao as part of the instructor team and cannot wait to get her new teaching journey with us started !!

New Starters Pole Course

Nao will be hosting our 4th time running New Starters Course , commencing 6th June 2019. Click here for more information on this course! 

Welcome Nao!

🎈Announcement 🎈
I’ve been holding my breath on this one, but I am delighted to finally announce that Nao will officially be joining our team as a staff member from May! She will be teaching beginners level 1 &2 classes… with new additional classes coming soon too! Nao is a sports massage therapist, has outstanding knowledge of anatomy & physiology which are great attributes for the work we do at MVPA and falls perfectly in line with Xpert Training and the way I teach. Nao has recently placed 3rd in her first competition and is highly motivated in not only achieving her own goals but in helping others achieve theirs. In the short time Nao has attended MVPA she has been an asset to the academy and the students within classes and those of you that haven’t met Nao yet I’m positive will love her just like the rest of us do ❤️❤️