Meet The Team

Kiley M Letch

Studio Owner and Pole Fitness Instructor

Wife, mum of two boys and aged 35, is the studio owner of Mill View Pole Academy. She has been training in pole fitness since 2013 and teaching pole fitness to both men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes for since 2014.
Kiley is incredibly passionate in making sure that her classes are delivered to a high standard. She is an excellent and skilled teacher; understanding that students are all different and will therefore adapt her teaching to suit individual needs. She enjoys spending time with students’ to ensure they feel safe and confident in what they are being shown. Kiley does set high standards and expectations of students to ensure they gain as much from a class as they can, whilst working at their own personal level. Kiley sets achievable and realistic goals. You can expect to work hard in Kiley’s classes and the long-term results of this are seen in the quality of her students’ execution to tricks, spins and even performances.
Kiley offers a friendly and happy atmosphere in the studio, you will always be greeted with a smile and welcomed in by Kiley and her students at MVPA.

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Recent Competitions

• 🏆🥇 Lincolnshire Pole Championships AKA Great British Pole Championships 1st place professional expert and overall competition winner 2020

•United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2018 4th Place

• Heir to The Chrome 2017 2nd Place

Skilled in
XPERT trained teacher
Static Pole tricks, spins and combinations
Spinning Pole tricks and combinations
Strength Training
Body Conditioning & toning
Stretch and Flex

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Lesley Tomlinson

Lesley Tomlinson

Aerial Hoop / Lyra Instructor

Wife, Mum, travel agent, pole student and of course our wonderful hoop coach. Lesley has been a devoted pole student of Kiley’s since September 2014 and began exploring the aerial arts further in February 2016 where she quickly fell in love and became equally as passionate about aerial hoop. Lesley began assisting hoop classes locally, but eager to develop her own skills in hoop and to deliver excellent teaching for the future, Lesley went beyond the expectations of a student and took it upon herself to train and become certified with XPOLE as an XPERT Aerial Hoop professional teacher, in July 2017.
Lesley helped create part of the studio you see today and is a main pillar in what MVPA has to offer. Lesley is patient, understanding, kind, friendly, supportive and encouraging of all students. Lesley’s teaching style is hands on with clear verbal and visual demonstrations.
Lesley remains a devoted pole student and can be found in our higher-level pole classes but is ready and available to cater for you aerial hoop needs at request.

North East Pole Championships 2017 3rd Place Finalist

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Anita Vagvolgyi

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Anita is our cover / relief pole instructor to ensure that we can run smoothly through staff holidays or any unforeseen circumstances. Anita is Xpert Certified in Pole Fitness, she is a Personal Trainer, exercise referral specialist and hand balancing & calisthenics coach! With a bio like that you know Anita will work you hard!


Nao Hough


Nao placed 3rd in her first competition in 2019, she is a sports massage therapist at Flexion Sports Massage Therapy,  who has excellent knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology which are great attributes to the style of classes we deliver at MVPA.  Nao is an asset to our team and an inspirational role model. Nao is a proud, plus-sized pole fitness addict, who is highly motivated in not only achieving her own goals and bettering herself, but also in helping others achieve theirs and be their best. Nao will be teaching beginners level 1&2 classes from May 2019 after completing her official certification with Xpert Training. We wish her the best if luck and truly cannot wait for Nao to be an official member of the team.

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