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We can also order a variety of clothing with our logo on we will advertise when we are placing orders with our supplier.

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 X-Dry this amazing anti-sweat grip direct from xpole!


Find your perfect pole

X-Pole Sport.

Compact / easy packing away, static function only. Comes with carry case. static Pole only.


The Xpert Pole.

Amazing for all your home pole needs. All the greatness of the sport pole, but with the spinning function.


….. Introducing the X-Stage Lite!

This amazing piece of equipment allows you to take your pole out into countryside, or even to your back garden. This is a free standing pole, so if mounting a pole onto a ceiling is not an option, then this is the pole for you.


The X- Lock

The Static to spin function made easy!

Home Mount

Comes in white or stainless steel to blend in with your home and offers an amazingly discrete way to ensure your pole is the most safe and secure it can be during your training.

Complete your look with X-Pole clothing and you’re ready to go!