Frequently Asked Questions….

What should I wear?

To get the most from training, wearing the right clothing will aid your learning and your ability to carry out moves correctly and safely. Below is a little breakdown of the best clothes to wear depending on which aerial class you attend with us.

Clothing for pole

Shorts and vest top are the ideal. The more skin contact points you have on the pole, the more secure you will feel. For a new starter, you’re welcome to wear leggings or cuffed jogging bottoms (nothing too baggy) with a t-shirt, but it’s a great idea to have some shorts underneath just in case you would like to try skills that covered legs would prevent you from participating in. It’s also beneficial for your instructor to be able to see what your body is doing and help with positioning if you are struggling with some skills.

Clothing for hoop

Leggings are perfect with a vest or t-shirt. Please avoid loose clothing in case you get tangled!
For all classes, your instructor can advise you prior to your lesson if you’re unsure.

What to avoid when attending our classes.

Please avoid using any creams or lotions on your hands and body on the same day as your class. This can increase your risk of injury to yourself or others if you are slippery and can make the pole slippery for others. If you have a condition which requires moisturising, please contact us to discuss the best options that support your skin as well as being aerial friendly.


We ask that you remove any items from your hand, wrists and neck before the start of your class. This does include wedding rings. Metal against metal impairs your grip. Poles and hoops are specialised, expensive equipment and jewellery can damage them. Your jewellery will also become damaged and/or bent. If you are unable to remove rings please ensure they are taped up; be aware that this could impair your grip further if you choose this option.

I have no upper body strength and I am not flexible, can I still come to classes?

YES! MVPA loves having new students and you will be welcomed with open arms. Whilst it can be useful to have some prerequisite skills, it’s absolutely not essential at all. All our classes include strengthening and conditioning exercises suited to your level which work at developing all the skills that you need to move forward in your class, whichever class you decide. Our conditioning exercises at the start of each class are designed to get you lifting yourself up before you know it!

With regards to Flexibility, all of our classes condition your active flexibility and we also do plenty of stretching in both the warm up and the cool down at the end. Flexibility can take some time to develop, but MVPA does also offer extra classes for both of the above elements if you want to go for an extra work-out on top of your aerial class.

In our experience of having many new starters join our MVPA student community , those with no back ground in aerial or gymnastics see the most progressions quicker if you’re really working for it.

How do I pay / book my classes?

We have an online booking and payment system via the BOOK A CLASS tab. All classes are paid for at the time of booking and you can find more information about bookings, payments and cancellations in our T&C’s. 

What if I need to miss a class or can’t make it once I’ve booked?

The studio does have a strict policy on cancellations. Whilst unforeseen circumstances do occur, its good to remember that class payments are what help maintain your studio rent an d bills, as well as pay for your instructor and their living.

Please view our T&C’s for more information on group classes, private classes and workshops.

How much are classes?

Non- Members

We have a variety of classes at different costs on offer at MVPA. All our instructor lead classes are £12.50 per class for non members, at a pay as you go rate (PAYG). You can book classes up to 30 days ahead.


We have a selection of memberships also on offer which are billed monthly. Or you can purchase class packs, both of which reduce your class price down depending on what option to choose. View our memberships here

Members and Non-Members

We also occasionally offer open practice sessions. Open Practice sessions are available to Pole and Hoop Students wishing to practice at their own pace. (You must have attended pole or hoop classes prior to attending these sessions but you do not have to be a MVPA student). An instructor is on site for safety and insurance, but this is not a taught class.

Please contact us to enquire about private , semi private classes or studio hire which are available throughout the week and weekend. Bookings must be made in advance and will only be available if the studio is available.

Is there a minimum age limit for Pole and Hoop?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any students under the age of 16 to train at MVPA. Children between the ages of 16 and 18 must have written consent to train and both the student and the parent must sign a disclaimer in person before their first class.

I am pregnant can I come to classes?

If you are an existing pole student at MVPA you must notify your instructor as soon as you are aware you are pregnant. You are welcome to train at MVPA up until 12 weeks or to the point at which your doctor / midwife is happy for you to do this. During pregnancy our insurance does not cover your continued training; we are unable to teach you anything new that your body is not used to, so if you attend group classes you will repeat familiar content only. New students who are pregnant unfortunately cannot start classes until after delivery.

I’ve just had a baby when can I come back to classes?

Please seek advice from your midwife / healthcare professional about when is a suitable time for you to start or re-join a class. Ladies who have delivered by caesarean can expect a longer return to classes or who are new to exercise. There is no specified time: everyone is different as is each delivery.

If you are returning to pole after having a baby, speak to your instructor, but it’s advisable to train safely and return to a lower level class whilst you’re building your strength and re-conditioning your body.

Please make your instructor aware if you’ve recently had a baby and inform them of any relevant issues that may affect your class. 

Are men allowed?

YES. Pole fitness is for everyone.

I work shifts: can I still come to classes?

Absolutely. We offer a variety of classes throughout the days, evenings and weekends. Simply book ahead to the class that best suits your schedule. Even if you purchase a membership with us, you are not restricted to which class you can attend. We also have class packs available if you want to block book a group of classes to suit your needs without being tied in to a membership.

How big are the group classes?

Group classes at MVPA are capped at 8 students per class, a maximum of two students per pole. Hoop classes are capped at 6 students per class and 3 students per hoop. This is a great ratio to allow you plenty of  time on the equipment, whist having little breaks in between. A smaller number of students also allows for your instructor to make sure each student receives equal support and as much of our support as possible. Our classes are designed for you to get the best from your class. We do have a minimum numbers policy for group lead classes which can be found in our T&C’s.

Is pole / hoop safe?

With any sport there is risk of injury, but we aim to make your training and the studio as safe as we can. You will be taught by certified instructors using correct and efficient spotting techniques whilst you build your confidence. We have various sizes of safety mats for you to use at your convenience. All equipment is maintained and current. MVPA is also approved and registered by the Pole Safe Federation. Instructors on site have valid first aid certifications and a first aid kit is stocked and displayed in the main studio.

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