JAN 2020 New Starters Pole Course

We have a new starters course coming to town !!! JAN 2020. Kick start the new year with a fabulous new you! Try something different , step out of your comfort zone and experience all the *magic* that pole fitness has to offer.

•Get strong

•Tone up

•Make friends

•Become confident

•Find a new passion

•Have fun

•Feel good !


•Highly addictive feel good sport!

MVPA is about family and fun. We welcome new students of all backgrounds and abilities so come and meet us and have fun. Our well structured beginners course is designed for total newbies to cater for YOU and will be delivered by our amazing aerial instructor Lesley . The real question is – what are you waiting for?! 😜😜


Visit our store to buy this course as a gift! Christmas couldn’t be more simple !

More info / book here


We are very much hoping business will be open as usual on Monday but for the time being all businesses based at the North Mill have been advised to vacate, this does include our studio. Currently the studio is dry and free from flooding but given that the basements are 6ft under water we’re not even sure how the power to the building is continuing. Please book your classes as usual and be reassured you will be refunded for any continued closures, but we remain positive.


We had an amazing evening celebrating a fun but spooky Halloween at the academy last night. Thank you so much for everyone who came and a shout out to Sue for lending us her smoke machine to create a spooky atmosphere … no fire alarms went off! Phew !

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we are transforming our beautiful studio into a ghosty palace for our students. There will be treats … and there most certainly will be tricks …. but what kind of tricks ….? Mwah ha ha ha ha …….

CLARE STRINGER Training & Workshops

Clare Stringer (Xpert Fitness Training) is the lady who has delivered some excellent training for both level 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 pole certification at our studio over the last few months. We were very excited to have Clare stay on with us last night to teach a slinky heels workshop. See Clare (left) and Kiley (right- studio owner and lead instructor for MVPA) performing the choreography from this workshop.

Moving up classes

Moving Up Classes
– The pros and cons

When you’ve been settled into your class and made friendships it can be a scary thought to try another new class and to move forward; but like all fitness and training, it is so important that you keep increasing your level of workout to avoid plateauing and also to avoid losing your motivation.

Remember when you first came to Pole and there was that exciting new feeling and certain elements felt hard, you couldn’t quite achieve what you wanted to? But… within a short space of time, after weeks of trying, not giving up and working hard, it all became a little easier and you began to achieve those things you never thought possible? It’s exactly the same moving on to a new higher-level class.

Expect new challenges.

Expect harder work;

…but bear with it and you will notice the improvements quickly. Just like when you started!
The best way to transition into a higher-level class can be done in a few ways.

– MVPA recommends boosting the number of classes you attend in one week and asking your instructor for something harder if you feel you want more of a challenge.
– How about dipping in to the new class every other week for a period of time before building to a complete change?
– Double up to two classes per week, one in your regular class and one in a new class?
– Book a private class with your instructor to go over elements of the higher-level ability skills so you feel prepared and reassured? This can be as a one to one or a small group.

With any changes to your class, it’s important to remember that everyone will journey at their own rate, but with hard work, determination and a passion to improve, you will be on the right path. Don’t give up. Be who you want to be… and make some more friends on the way  …