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 Host Kiley M Letch

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Kiley has been pole dancing since September 2013 and began competing in 2015. She is extremely passionate about her career and this is reflected in her professional style in performances and also with her teaching methods.

Being a self-taught pole-dancer and also Xpert Trained, Kiley has excellent understanding of the technical aspects of pole; having spent a long time fathoming them out herself! Kiley is able to come up with many solutions for helping with difficult tricks and is able to demonstrate numerous ways in and out of tricks to suit each level of student. Kiley is fantastic at boosting student’s confidence, and despite being tiny, is more than capable of spotting; making students feels secure and safe during training.

Competitions & Performances
• Blackpool Professional Pole Championships 2015 3rd place
• United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2016 7th place
• British Pole Superstar Championships 2017 finalist
• Heir to The Chrome 2017 2nd Place
• Performance at The Belper Games 2017 (local charity event)
• International Pole and Aerial Tournament 2018 7th place
• United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2018 4th Place.
• British Pole Superstar Championships 2019

• A minimum of 8 students per workshop
• A minimum of two workshops must be booked.
Private classes are also available in addition to workshops:
• 1-1 £40
• 2-2-1 £60

Please allow for a break between workshops and classes when organising the schedule, Kiley will send you a photograph which you can use for advertising the event on Facebook and Instagram. Kiley will also re-share and post about the event on her social media and website, but it’s the hosts responsibility to secure bookings.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking with full payment 2 weeks before the workshop date.

So, what’s on offer?

Static Tricks and Combo’s recommended for Intermediate / Advanced level (70mins) £25pp
You will be taught a combination of tricks and how to build these into cute little combinations to keep you moving and swirling around the pole, linking tricks together.

As seen on screen. Personalised Tricks based class.  Recommended for Intermediate level (70 mins) £25pp
Learn some of Kiley’s signature tricks from her Instagram and/ or request the tricks you want to learn prior to Kiley visiting.

Static Pole Flow. All Levels (70 mins) £25pp
Kiley has spent a long time finding her flow and working out how to make even basic tricks look smooth and elegant; so much so, that pole-flow is one of the most sought-after classes that students request when having a lesson with Kiley. This workshop will give you snippets of flow and linking moves that can be used between tricks that will help to build combos and even routines. It will build your confidence moving seamlessly around the pole.

Heels Choreography. All Levels (90mins) *£35*
Suitable for ALL levels! Bring your sass and ‘tude for some heel clacking, low pole fun. You will be taught a choreographed routine to music and leave feeling fabulous. Please wear knee pads. Heels are optional but advisable. For this workshop Kiley will need her own pole. If you’re a smaller studio then numbers for this class can be altered.

Back to Basics . All levels from new starters onwards. £25pp (70mins) An amazing workshop for those new to pole or simply want to brush up on the basic techniques which are the foundations to your pole journey. The skills you will learn and re-discover in this workshop will make transitioning into more advanced pole a whole lot easier. Kiley is very technical minded about pole; understanding body mechanics and how to build momentum are one of Kiley’s most favourite skills and knowledge to pass on. This workshops will get you moving and spinning  seamlessly around the pole.

All workshops can be modified to a level best suited to your students, so please let her know if you would like any content adapting.