What To Expect

Your first pole class can be daunting, but within a few short minutes of your arrival, all your anxiety will be diminished. Seriously.

Pole Fitness / Aerial Hoop is great for everyone and anyone. So many times, I’ve had both men and women interested in starting pole or hoop, follow their enquiry with:

“I’m too old”
“I’m not fit”
“I need to lose weight first”
“I’m not strong”
“I don’t like my body”

The good news is that none, not one of the above, or any other excuses (because that’s all they are!) will impact starting pole or hoop classes IF you really want to try it. To all the above, here are your answers:

“You’re only as old as you feel!”
“Our classes will make you fitter”
“Our classes will help you lose weight and tone you up”
“Our classes will make you strong”
“You will soon love your body for all you will achieve”

For everyone, fitness / sports of any kind, is an individual journey. Everyone will learn and achieve at different rates, but with hard work, patience and by not comparing your journey to someone else’s, by working to your own goals suited to YOU, you will be guaranteed to see results, no matter how small these may seem at first. At MVPA you will be welcomed into a supportive and caring community of people, both students and instructors, who are there for YOU. When you come to the studio it’s our job to make sure that you feel safe, that you feel confident, that you are getting what you want from your class.

MVPA structures all of their classes to fixed levels with room to alter your lesson to best suit you during your class. If something is too hard, we can make it simpler, if its too easy we will throw in an extra challenge. If we think you can do more, we will encourage you further. All we ask is that you have the confidence to talk to your instructor about what you need. You will get from a class what you put in to it.

MVPA also offers Open Training sessions where you are invited to train and practice the skills you’ve been shown in classes at these designated times at a heavily discounted rate. An open training session can quickly compliment a regular taught class. At MVPA its not about ticking skills off on a list and then saying goodbye to it, it’s about being confident in executing that skill correctly and efficiently and being able to do different things with it and keep building on to it.