Your first Class

Your first class can be daunting, but we promise you that you will be welcomed into a fantastic, supportive community of people, eager to help you and settle your nerves.

Our classes are great for everyone and anyone.

You are not too old, you are not too unfit and you are the perfect size no matter what. Non of these things will impact your learning and training with us. We are inclusive of everyone.

At MVPA we promise to keep you feeling young and fabulous; we will help you to get fit, tone up, reach your body goals and see your confidence grow. You will develop strength; physically and mentally and you will begin to see the wonderful things your body can do.

At MVPA, we aren’t just about fitness… we are about friendships and family too.

For everyone, fitness (and sports of any kind) is an individual journey. Everyone will learn and achieve at different rates. With hard work, patience and by not comparing your journey to someone else’s, by working to your own goals suited to YOU, you will be guaranteed to see results, no matter how small these may seem at first. We look and aim for progress… and after some time… then perfection 😉

At MVPA you will be welcomed into a supportive and caring community of people, both students and instructors, who are there for you. When you come to the studio it’s our job to make sure that you feel safe, confident and that you get what you want from your class.

We structure our classes to levels with room to alter your lesson to best suit you during your class. If something is too hard, we can make it simpler, if it’s too easy, we will throw in an extra challenge. If we think you can do more, we will encourage you further, but you will never be pushed into tricks or moves that you don’t feel or are not ready for. All we ask is that you have the confidence to talk to your instructor about what you need. You will get from a class what you put in to it.

MVPA also offers Open Practice sessions occasionally where you are invited to train and practice the skills you’ve been shown in classes. An open practice session or one of our stretch or PT bases classes, can quickly compliment a regular taught class. At MVPA it’s not about ticking skills off on a list and then saying goodbye to it, it’s about being confident in executing that skill correctly and efficiently and being able to do different things with it and keep building to it.

At MVPA we have an excellent and highly skilled group of instructors dedicated to giving you the best experience possible.

We offer range of classes to suit everyone : as well as our pole fit and hoop classes, we offer flow dance based classes, heels classes and strength & flex. You can join one of our group classes or book a private slot as a 1-1 or a come with a friend 🙂

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