Terms and Conditions regarding class bookings, reservations and cancellations

Please note that all classes must be pre booked using our booking system. You can book on to a group class just before it begins, as long as there is space. We have a limit on class size and should you arrive without booking, you will be turned away if the class is full.

We have a maximum of 8 students for Pole classes and 6 for Hoop classes. This ensures you receive as much time on the equipment as possible with plenty of instructor time and support.

Minimum Numbers

Group-lead classes require a minimum of 3 students for the class to take place, if these numbers are not met, account credit will be returned in order for you to book another class or alternative upgrade classes will be offered.

There is a 6pm cut off the night before the class is due to start. In the event that minimum numbers are not met by this time, payments or credit will be refunded with alternative classes offered. So if you plan on coming to a class, booking ahead helps us maintain numbers.

Booking your classes

You can book all classes 2 weeks ahead. We have a booking and payment system online via the book a class tab or go directly to our business on TEAM UP.

If you are on a membership with us, you can create a reoccurring slot for your chosen class each week to save you booking every week. In the event you cannot make a class, please unregister with as much notice as possible to allow another student to attend. Late cancellations still apply to members (please see cancellations below).

Private classes that have been scheduled must be booked and paid for as soon as possible from when they’re scheduled. This is to avoid someone else booking your slot. Once booked; your instructor will work on your personalised lesson plan which takes time to do.


The studio has a strict policy on cancellations. Whilst unforeseen circumstances do occur, it’s good to remember that class payments are what help keep your studio up to date, paid for, as well as pay for your instructor(s) and their living.

Please read the following carefully ensuring you are aware of the studios policies regarding group and private classes. 

Group class cancellations 

A Late cancellation is any cancellation within 48 hours of the class where you will not receive a refund if you cannot attend. Late cancellations for those on memberships will loose their account credit for that class. If you need to swap a class within the cancellation time frame please contact MVPA to discuss.

Private class cancellations 

Once booked there will be no refunds within 14 days of your scheduled class. It is possible to reschedule, as long as the change falls within 4 weeks of the original class and with a weeks notice. Our instructors work hard prior to you attending your class (to give you the best class possible) by spending time on planning your lesson in advance. Late booking a private slot will also impact the content to you receive in your class if your instructor has not had chance to plan.

Courses, special events and / or workshops are not refundable or transferable once paid for.

Studio Terms and Conditions

• Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your class starting. Late students will NOT be permitted to join in the class if they have not attended the warm up. Refunds for late students will not be issued. We need to ensure you warm up properly with the class, reducing risk of injury and ensuring your class starts on time.

• You are NOT permitted to ‘spot’ or “teach” other students whilst attending classes at MVPA. This is for your own safety. Spotting techniques can be complicated and do require a certain amount of strength, as well as differing from move to move. If another students asks for help or for you to show them something,  please point them to a teacher or assistant.

• Mill View Pole Academy (MVPA) reserves the right to alter the timetable or teacher due to circumstances beyond our control.

• You must have filled out a waiver before taking part in any class/event or workshop. You must inform MVPA of any changes to your medical condition at each class. If it’s your first class, please let us know about any injuries or conditions that may be relevant to training, no matter hold old they may be.

• If you need to miss a class please try give us at least 24-48 hours notice and most importantly, please unregister as soon as possible so others can book on. This action will also alert your instructor of your cancellation. Classes missed without notice will be forfeited. Classes cancelled under 48 hours’ notice will be charged at full price.

• For courses and private classes, the class fee or deposit must be paid at time of booking and the balance of the class / course must be paid at least 1 week in advance of the date of booking. In the event of cancellations, payments made are non-refundable.

• MVPA reserves the right to refuse entry to the studio for any reason.

• People believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave classes IMMEDIATLEY.

• Please do not apply lotions, moisturisers or creams on the day of the class. Not only will it make you slippy, increasing the risk of injury, but it also leaves the poles slippery for others, increasing their risk of injury too.

• You are the best judge of your own health. If you have any sickness or injuries which may put you or others at risk during the class, please inform your instructor and do not attend.

You must tell your instructor if you injure yourself during class no matter now minor you think it may be.

• In the event of snow or bad weather or any other unforeseen closures, there will be notices placed on all our social media sites. We will also try to contact you individually by text or email. Please check these sites for updates before contacting us if you are unsure. If there are no notices, assume classes are going ahead as scheduled.

• The mats are provided for your safety, please feel free to use them! You do not need to ask to use any safety equipment.

• Please do not show or help other students into or out of moves. Our insurance only covers appointed persons to teach. Therefore if someone is trying a move they have not been shown by an appointed person, MVPA will not be liable for any compensation. Every individual is taught moves based on their previous experience, flexibility and strength. Pole fitness instruction involves breaking down many parts of a move. If you were to show someone a new move and miss out a piece of vital information, this could result in a fellow student spending endless amounts of energy, wrongly trying to get into/out of a move with the poor techniques or potentially injuring themselves. Therefore we request you DO NOT teach other students new moves during the class. Only appointed persons are permitted to teach.

Thank you