T&C’s and Information regarding the return to training at Mill View Pole Academy.


MVPA wishes to be fully transparent in our approach to our training procedures following government guidelines and the ongoing pandemic. The information here along with any timetables issued, are subject to change as the guidelines may change.

February 2022

Our studio is running as normal, with all our regular T&C’s that come with attending our classes.

With all covid restrictions now being lifted we politely ask as a courtesy that if you are sick / ill (coughing / sneezing) regardless of covid or any testing you might carry out , that you do not attend classes until you are well. Please be courteous of your fellow classmates with regards to passing on any ills.

After so many closures and a tremendous climb back from 2020, we do not want our instructors off sick or students off from their training unnecessarily as ills do circulate this time of year.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and cooperation.

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